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Wednesday November 30, 2016
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Hightower: The Kochs Are Going to Have a Huge Grip on the Oval Office
AlterNet | Jim Hightower | 11/30/16

The billionaire brothers are training political puppets to push their hateful agenda.

This past January, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the multimillionaire protege of the Koch brother's Plutocratic Kingdom and American Legislative Exchange Council darling, revealed to a startled nation that he has penned not one but NINE new amendments to the Constitution of the USA. Forget the Bill of Rights, Abbott is proposing a Bill of Sale, effectively transferring the title of our national government from The People to The Plutocrats. The upshot of his "tweaks" would be outlawing government actions that restrain corporate abuse of workers and consumers, while also preventing future Congresses from meeting crucial public needs such as health care, voter rights, and restoration of our national infrastructure.

One could call Abbott and his Founding Father pretentious and ludicrous--which both are--but he's not the force behind this diabolical, ideological tampering with our Constitution and our people's ideals of fairness and justice. ALEC, at the direction of the Kochs and their corporate cohorts, wrote this Bill of Sale. ... Read more

The Podesta Emails
Doctors in Texas will now be required to hire funeral services any time a woman ends or loses a pregnancy

Fake news is modern propaganda: In the Trump era, history repeats itself not as farce but as clickbait
Salon | Nico Lang | 11/29/16

A new article published in The Washington Post alleges that Russia was involved in disseminating fake news designed to get Donald Trump elected.

The article was based on research from two sources: One report, titled "Trolling for Trump: How Russia Is Trying to Destroy Our Democracy," was published in War on the Rocks, an online journal focusing on matters of foreign policy and national security. The other was courtesy of PropOrNot, a nonpartisan research group. Each came to the same conclusion -- that Russian officials deployed a mixture of spambots and human agents to generate and spread false information that would be favorable to the Republican Party.

These tactics proved extraordinarily effective throughout the 2016 election, according to PropOrNot. The group claims that fake stories created by Russian interests were shared more than 213 million times during the race. ... Read more

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump's Treasury secretary pick Steve Mnuchin is the "Forrest Gump" of America's financial woes
Salon | Matthew Rozsa | 11/30/16

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, has some choice words about Steven Mnuchin, the former Goldman Sachs executive who President-elect Donald Trump has tapped to be his new treasury secretary.

"Steve Mnuchin is the Forrest Gump of the financial crisis -- he managed to participate in all the worst practices on Wall Street," Warren said in a statement on Tuesday night. "He spent two decades at Goldman Sachs helping the bank peddle the same kind of mortgage products that blew up the economy and sucked down billions in taxpayer bailout money before he moved on to run a bank that was infamous for aggressively foreclosing on families." ... Read more

Household Debt Hits $12.4 Trillion As Subprime Loan Delinquencies Hit Highest In 6 Years: NY Fed
ZeroHedge | author | 11/30/16

The latest household debt data, which shows debt rose to $12.4 trillion in Q3, suggest some notable deterioration in the performance of subprime auto loans. This translates into a large number of households, with roughly six million individuals at least ninety days late on their auto loan payments ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, November 30 [12:43]
*DN | Bernie Sanders Interviewed by Amy Goodman at Philadelphia Free Library (11/29/16) [41:31 ]
*TRNN | Paul Jay and Abby Martin on Trump and 'Fake News' (11/30/16) [24:57]
TRNN | Some 20,000 Syrians have fled rebel-held areas in the past two days, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (11/30/16) [4:37]
*TYT | Trump Picks Establishment Banker For Treasury Secretary (11/29/16) [7:21]
*TYT | Trump Selects "King Of Bankruptcy" As Commerce Secretary (11/29/16) [4:00]
*TYT | Why Trump's "Landslide" Mandate Is Nonsense (11/29/16) [10:37]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
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*DR | How Journalists Are Rethinking Their Role Under A Trump Presidency (11/30/16) [1hr]
The U.S. media is accustomed to covering a White House that plays by certain rules. But President-elect Donald Trump tweets false information freely and frequently manipulates the media. How journalists are rethinking their role under a Trump presidency.
*DR | "The Master Plan": A New Look At ISIS' Complex Hidden Past (11/30/16) [1hr]
ISIS started capturing America's attention in 2014. At the time it felt to many like the group had popped up suddenly, as a result of the Syrian civil war. But counterterrorism expert Brian Fishman says that's not the right picture. While it may feel new to us, the origins of the group known as the Islamic State go back at least a decade. Because it has overcome numerous obstacles since then, Fishman says, ISIS sees itself as highly resilient, and the U.S. has failed to recognize this in its strategy to combat the group. Fishman and ISIS expert William McCants take us inside the hidden past of the organization, and talk about what the new U.S. administration needs to know about ISIS moving forward.
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

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Tuesday November 29, 2016
News Articles

Massive Wildfire Engulfs Tennessee Resort Towns, Forces Evacuations In Gatlinburg And Pigeon Forge
HP | Ed Mazza | 11/29/16

A massive wildfire burning in the Tennessee resort towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge has destroyed more than 100 structures, including homes and businesses, authorities said Tuesday.

... Over 14,000 people were evacuated and more than 12,000 power outages were reported, Flener said. He confirmed no fatalities had been reported, though four people were transported to the hospital for burn-related injuries. The TEMA has yet to determine the cause of the fire. ... Read more
Gatlinburg And Pigeon Forge Fires (11/29/16) [1:43]

Democrats Ask Oversight Committee To Investigate Trump's Potential Conflicts Of Interest
HP | Matt Fuller | 11//28/16

"The scope of Mr. Trump's conflicts of interest around the world is unprecedented," the 17 Democrats on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee wrote. "Over the past two weeks, new revelations have raised serious concerns about the intermingling of Mr. Trump's businesses and his responsibilities as president."

Trump's potential conflicts of interest are staggering, with business interests across the globe and no clear firewall between those businesses and the office of the presidency. Trump had said previously that he would enter into a blind trust, which would require him to sell many of his businesses and be unaware of his holdings, but he's backed away from those promises. Trump also said he would step away from his dealings and have his children run day-to-day operations. But several of Trump's children are intimately involved in his political operation ? Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. are all on the presidential transition team ? and simply handing over the businesses to his children wouldn't disassociate Trump from his enterprises. He still knows what businesses he owns.

Trump's potential conflicts of interest have already raised serious questions about his actions and the actions of foreign governments. Just three days after a phone call between Trump and Argentine President Mauricio Macri, the development company building the $100 million Trump Tower in Buenos Aires said construction could begin as soon as June 2017.

Trump also owes a foreign bank over $300 million, and has foreign diplomats booking hotel reservations at his hotel in Washington, D.C., so they can curry favor with the president. ... Read more

Why Kellyanne Conway hates Mitt Romney
WashingtonPost | Chris Cillizza | 11/28/16

Kellyanne Conway made one thing very clear in her Sunday interview with "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd: She's not a fan of Mitt Romney. Like, at all. ...

... That's a very harsh assessment of a potential pick for secretary of state by the person who led Trump's winning campaign for the White House. Conway is suggesting that Trump is free to pick Romney over former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani (or some other Trump loyalists in the mix) but that, by doing so, he would go directly against the will of the grass-roots base that delivered him the presidency. It's sort of stunning. ... Read more
NBC Meet the Press | Kellyane Conway On Recount & Mitt Romney Meet The Press (11/29/16) [9:13]

Alex Jones Julian Assange Missing (11/28/16) [17:51]
Alex Jones website
WikiLeaks Julian ASSANGE The TIME Has COME ! (11/28/16) [19:02]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, November 29 [10:34]
TRNN | Leo Panitch and Paul Jay discuss: Can Trump's Gangster Capitalism Manage the Global Economy? (11/29/16) [18:23]
TRNN | Col. Larry Wilkerson discusses: Unprecedented Imperial Powers Will Soon Pass into Trump's Hands (11/29/16) [9:25]
TRNN | Glen Ford says: Trumps Taps Billionaire, Betsy Devos, School Privatizer for Education Secretary (11/29/16) [13:59]
TYT | Why Trump's Education Secretary Is So Dangerous (11/28/16) [13:49]
TYT | Trump Tweets HUGE Lie About Election (11/28/16) [10:53]
TYT | Why Top Trump Advisor, Kellyanne Conway, Hates Mitt Romney (11/28/16) [6:57]
TYT | Crazy Pastor Thanks God For Defeating 'Jezebel' Clinton (11/28/16) [6:34]
RT | Keiser Report: Attractive Debts (E999) (11/29/16) [25:45]
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*DR | A General Election Recount in Wisconsin and Charges of Election Fraud from President-Elect Trump (11/29/16) [1hr]
It's been nearly three weeks since Donald Trump was declared the winner of the presidential election. But the results are being disputed by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who has petitioned for a recount in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Election officials in Wisconsin confirm a statewide recount will begin on Thursday. And Hillary Clinton's campaign has joined the Wisconsin recount effort. President-elect Donald Trump calls the recounts "ridiculous" and "a scam." And he says he would've won the popular vote were it not for "millions" of illegal voters. Diane and guests discuss recounts, allegations of voter fraud and the 2016 presidential election.
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MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

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Monday November 28, 2016
News Articles

Global warming set to pass 2C threshold in 2050: report
http://phys.org/ | author | 09/29/16

Earth is on track to sail past the two degree Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) threshold for dangerous global warming by 2050, seven of the world's top climate scientists warned Thursday.

"Climate change is happening now, and much faster than anticipated," said Sir Robert Watson, former head of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), the body charged with distilling climate science for policy makers. Since 1990, devastating weather-related events--floods, drought, more intense storms, heat waves and wild fires--due to climate change have doubled in number, Watson and the other scientists said in a report. ... Read more

The Truth About Climate Change.pdf

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins Interview, Part 1 [53:35] (TalkingStick Interviews) & Part 2 [49:01]
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - (FULL AUDIO BOOK)
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.pdf
Many other speeches
also John Perkins on Globalization [52:00]
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

From the author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, comes an exposé of international corruption, and an inspired plan to turn the tide for future generations.
With a presidential election around the corner, questions of America's military buildup, environmental impact, and foreign policy are on everyone's mind. Former Economic Hit Man John Perkins goes behind the scenes of the current geopolitical crisis and offers bold solutions to our most pressing problems. Drawing on interviews with other EHMs, jackals, CIA operatives, reporters, businessmen, and activists, Perkins reveals the secret history of events that have created the current American Empire, including: How the defeats in Vietnam and Iraq have benefited big business The role of Israel as Fortress America in the Middle East Tragic repercussions of the IMF's Asian Economic Collapse The current Latin American revolution and its lessons for democracy U.S. blunders in Tibet, Congo, Lebanon, and Venezuela.
From the U.S. military in Iraq to infrastructure development in Indonesia, from Peace Corps volunteers in Africa to jackals in Venezuela, Perkins exposes a conspiracy of corruption that has fueled instability and anti-Americanism around the globe, with consequences reflected in our daily headlines. Having raised the alarm, Perkins passionately addresses how Americans can work to create a more peaceful and stable world for future generations.
Jimmy Dore | Trump ADMITS Global Warming Is REAL! (11/25/16) [7:27]
Jimmy Dore | Bernie Sanders Schools Clueless News Anchor On Why Hillary Clinton Lost (11/25/16) [12:17]

We Have to Face the Major Problem of Acute Financial Stress
AlterNet | Dr. Galen Buckwalter | 11/27/16

Long before the shocking election of Donald Trump, Galen Buckwalter and his colleagues were doing research and thinking hard about the emotional consequences of inequality, credit card debt and the range of financial stress points in people's lives. What they found seems so obvious, yet brilliant at the same time. Tens of millions of people have no savings and live paycheck to paycheck. How can we, as a society, pretend they are not physically and psychologically affected by this constant anxiety and vulnerability? This ends up costing our society hundreds of billions in health care and lost productivity and leads to higher addiction and suicide rates as well as increased domestic violence.

The conclusion is clear: We are out of balance in a way that is endangering our health, and our relationship with money plays an outsized role in a nationwide health epidemic. As a research psychologist studying stress and mental, physical and emotional health, I've spent the last several years examining how we deal with money in an effort to deepen a scientific understanding of how it impacts our health. In the past, I've worked with people in varying states of stress, including Marines and humanitarian workers. Today, I study the presence and effects of what we are calling acute financial stress (AFS), essentially financial PTSD. ... Read more

Ron Paul Tells Trump: "To Really 'Make America Great Again', End The Fed!"
ZeroHedge | author | 11/28/16

Former Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher recently gave a speech identifying the Federal Reserve's easy money/low interest rate policies as a source of the public anger that propelled Donald Trump into the White House. Mr. Fisher is certainly correct that the Fed's policies have "skewered" the middle class. However, the problem is not specific Fed policies, but the very system of fiat currency managed by a secretive central bank.

Federal Reserve-generated increases in money supply cause economic inequality. This is because, when the Fed acts to increase the money supply, well-to-do investors and other crony capitalists are the first recipients of the new money. These economic elites enjoy an increase in purchasing power before the Fed's inflationary policies lead to mass price increases. This gives them a boost in their standard of living. ... Read more

Trump Reportedly "Furious" Over Kellyanne Conway's "Rogue" Comments About Mitt Romney
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, November 28 [10:58]
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert | The Trump Train Is Already Off The Rails (11/23/16) [6:16]
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Samantha Bee | We would have filmed a new Syrian refugee piece, but unfortunately everything is exactly the same. (11/14/16) [6:51]
Samantha Bee | Something That Actually "Existed": Trump Policy Shop (11/09/16) [6:00]
Samantha Bee | New Cabinet Installation, Part 1 (11/14/16) [4:17], Part 2 [4:48]
TRNN | Filmmaker Robbie Martin discusses: Trump's Dark Web of Far Right Militarists Who Want to Attack Iran (11/28/16) [28:50]
TRNN | Col. Lawrence Wilkerson tells: Trump's Existential Threat (11/28/16) [13:26]
TRNN | Thomas Drake discusses: the deep state would've been more comfortable with Clinton; and while they'll do what they're told, many will be concerned that Pence is the new Cheney (11/27/16) [16:13]
TRNN | Interview with Aviva Chomsky: Castro's Legacy for Cuba, Latin America, and the World (08/17/16) [17:00]
TRNN | James Early discuss: Fidel Castro and Political Rights in Cuba (11/27/16) [23:00]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | Trump's Secret Weapon... (11/21/16) [12:03]
ThomHartmann | Is Trump Just Using White Nationalists Or Is He Their Savior? (11/22/16) [11:36]
Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | Fidel Castro's Complicated Legacy -- And What's Next For Cuba (11/28/16) [1hr]
Fidel Castro, who ruled Cuba for nearly 50 years, died late Friday at the age of 90. One of the world's longest serving heads of state, Castro began to fade from the public eye in 2006. But he is still both beloved and deeply loathed by generations of Cubans. Castro's death has set off celebration and mourning in his country and around the world, as Cuba begins to look at how to move forward without one of the world's most revolutionary--and polarizing--figures. Diane and a panel remember the personal and political life of Fidel Castro and look at what's next for Cuba.
*DR |What's Ahead For Congress In Its Lame Duck Session--And President Obama's Efforts To Protect His Legacy (11/28/16) [1hr]
Lawmakers are making a final push on issues like spending and mental health care. What Congress can get done in its lame-duck session--and President Obama's efforts to protect his legacy.
Aljazeera | Inside Story - A 'Mr Nobody' for French President? (11/28/16) [25:15]
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

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Wednesday November 23, 2016
News Articles
Salon 11/23/16
A political theorist once envisioned the flawed machinery of our democracy giving rise to an authoritarian regime
Chauncey Devega

Is Donald Trump's transition being outsourced to the Heritage Foundation? That's not good news
Former senator Jim DeMint was a Trump skeptic at first, but he may soon hold immense power in the White House
Heather Digby Parton

Robert Reich: How to resist Donald Trump's first 100 days
An agenda for the protester who is ready to take America back
Robert Reich

Donald Trump's transition team doesn't trust him to speak for himself
Reince Priebus and Kellyanne Conway have attempted to shield Trump from the press for fear he will fall apart
Sophia Tesfaye

Donald Trump meets with the "failing" New York Times, takes back much of what he campaigned on
Donald Trump meets on the record with the Times and leaves everyone wondering, What does he actually stand for?
Sophia Tesfaye

Donald Trump likes President Obama because he thinks President Obama likes him
It's easy to sweet talk the president-elect and get him to like you, it seems
Matthew Rozsa

Breitbart is really mad at Donald Trump for his "broken promise" to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump's rabid base is not happy to hear that he has no plans to "lock her up" after all
Sophia Tesfaye

Yada Yada Yada Yada

Today in Donald Trump's transition team: Soon-to-be leader of the free world "got annoyed" with Chris Christie for hogging his spotlight
The president-elect demoted the New Jersey Gov. because he kept "trying to get in shots," according to Yahoo News
Brendan Gauthier

Donald Trump says he won't pursue investigations against Hillary Clinton. This is not a good thing
This isn't a kind gesture by the president-elect, and it should worry you
Matthew Rozsa

Shepard Smith slams Donald Trump for flip-flopping on the issues: "All of those positions are now available"
"We want to hear these statements," the Fox News host said, "be able to ask questions about them where appropriate"
Brendan Gauthier

Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead has surpassed 2 million
Clinton's popular vote win, if it holds, would put her just ahead of Al Gore in 2000 -- both of whom lost
Matthew Rozsa

Donald Trump chooses South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to be United Nations ambassador, despite calling her "embarrassing" months ago
She said voting for Trump "turned her stomach." He said the state was "embarrassed" by her
Matthew Rozsa

The swamp won't be drained: Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick will almost certainly oppose campaign finance regulation
Forget Trump's anti-corruption rhetoric -- he's out to stack the courts with judges who love money in politics
Amanda Marcotte

Un-rigging our democracy: The GOP's "unconstitutional political gerrymander" practices finally under fire
Democrats need to focus on redistricting reforms that protect their right to vote, or they'll keep losing
David Daley

Politicizing climate change: Donald Trump's budget could cut climate funding for NASA, other federal departments
Donald Trump, in an effort to cut spending, is likely going to slash some important climate change programs
Brian Kahn

President Obama's overtime rule blocked by federal judge
4.2 million workers would have seen their pay climb on Dec. 1, but won't be able to now
Matthew Rozsa

Washington state youth sue government over climate change
Eight children say their future is not being protect from the effects of climate change
Phuong Le, API

Republicans did everything to stop President Obama, but now want America to back a president who lost the popular vote
Where was all that acceptance of the will of the people when Obama was elected?
Michael Hayne, Alternet

Donald Trump's popularity among the alt-right and new-wave Nazis should bring terrifying flashbacks of the 1930s and 50s
Think Germany. Think McCarthy. Think authoritarian
Steven Rosenfeld, Alternet

It's not just Facebook's news bubble: Why humans are more to blame than the algorithm
Misinformed people with biases are more to blame than Mark Zuckerberg's tech company

BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: Chris Christie, for his transparently awful attempt to save face
The Garden State Governor just imagineered himself walking away from Donald Trump with his dignity fully intact
Mireia Triguero Roura

Democratic electors are lobbying Republican colleagues to reject Donald Trump. Sad!
Weeks before the electoral college likely confirms Trump's win, Dems are grasping at revolts and recounts

Mike Pence wanted to go to see "Hamilton," not a morality play on the importance of minorities and the LGBT community in the United States
Pence, who rode a working-class wave, took the high road when he was being talked down to VIDEO
Carrie Sheffield

Donald Trump's still not really denouncing racism by the alt-right, despite what he told The New York Times
Don't let the campaign's spin fool you. The president-elect has hardly been a champion of fighting racism VIDEO
Grace Guarnieri

Being led by an outright conspiracy theorist like Donald Trump puts us all in danger
Trump is paranoid and vindictive, and there's a very real threat that his policies will be sculpted by his ego
Amanda Marcotte

Donald Trump's charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, broke IRS rules by self-dealing: report
The Foundation itself announced that it made payments to self-dealing
Matthew Rozsa

WATCH: Donald Trump's "list of executive actions we can take on day 1? is filled with empty platitudes and rhetoric
"Our transition team is moving very smoothly, efficiently, and effectively," the president-elect lied in the PSA VIDEO
Brendan Gauthier

Just how many of president-elect Donald Trump's transition team meetings is Ivanka Trump going to attend?
Ivanka Trump -- who isn't on the transition team and can't hold a White House position -- is pretty visible
Matthew Rozsa

Donald Trump backs out of meeting with New York Times because they wanted to be on the record, announces it on Twitter
UPDATE: It's back on
Matthew Rozsa

For Donald Trump and Republicans, getting rid of Obamacare can lead to a lot of problems
The GOP has issues it needs to consider before going forward with getting rid of the Affordable Care Act
Alan Fram, API

Bernie Sanders: "It is not good enough for someone to say, 'I'm a woman, vote for me.'"
The insurgent who challenged Hillary Clinton said that the party needs to go "beyond identity politics"
Matthew Sheffield

New York City will spend $1 million per day to protect Donald Trump so he can stay in his safe space
Donald Trump feels most comfortable in his apartment palace, so we'll all have to pay for him to stay there
Matthew Rozsa

Donald Trump's swimming in the swamp: Don't expect Republicans to investigate his conflicts of interest
The press? Weak. Democrats? Ineffective. There's one group -- the GOP -- that can check Trump but likely won't
Heather Digby Parton

Donald Trump will "take care of 'the African-Americans'": Will we see a repeat of Redemption, the post-Civil War white backlash?
Trump's appointments make it likely that blacks and other minorities will suffer a broad assault on their rights
Chauncey Devega

More Than 15,000 Lawyers Sign Letter Opposing Steve Bannon's Appointment

Retailers Panic: 63% Of Americans Plan Not To Shop On Black Friday
ZeroHedge | author | 11/23/16

According to a Reuters poll, some 63%, or nearly two-thirds, of US adults did not plan to shop on Black Friday this year. Some 32% said they plan to finish about half of their holiday shopping on that day. As a result "shocked" US retailers are doing everything they can in their scramble for market share. ... Read more

Dems Plead For Government Watchdogs To Keep Trump Honest
Trump Basically Says Conflicts Of Interest Aren't Illegal If The President Has Them

The Naked Truth: Trumpland (10/25/16) [43:20]
They have been called "deplorable" but they have changed the face of presidential politics in 2016. Fusion is uncovering the real people that drive the Trump campaign.

A YouTube Commenter's Comment
Trump dupped these Americans; told them everything and anything they wanted to hear. No policies declared, just words. Now Bannon (a white washed neo-nazi) that may be the scariest , biggest threat to Americans and I PSO facto the world. Now he is king of the United States of America... Our Democratic Republic is now a dictator, checks, and balances? None, all THREE governing branches might as well be one. May we make it out of this? Optimistically, maybe...?
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, November 23 [9:12]
Corbett Report - corbettreport.com
Nomi Prins Explains The Central Bankers' Game of Thrones (11/22/16) [17:34]
Infamous 60 Minutes Piece on Soros Emerges Online - Here are the highlights (11/17/16) [10:40]
Donald Trump : Things you didn't know (11/05/16) [1:44:06]
TRNN | Media Matters' Eric Boehlert says: Donald Trump: 1, The Media: 0 (11/22/16) [9:29]
TRNN | Jewish Activists: No Role for White Supremacy in the White House (11/22/16) [4:04]
TYT | Kleptocracy: Presidential Conflicts Of Interest Are NOT Illegal (11/22/16) [11:06]
TYT | Did Trump Learn A Few Things Since Election? (11/22/16) [6:25]
TYT | Republican Gerrymandering Ruled Unconstitutional (11/22/16) [10:27]
RT | Keiser Report: Trumpocalypse (E996) (11/22/16) [25:45]
Max and Stacy look at what the Democratic party looks like on neoliberalism: collapsing. Is the TPP trade deal over? And was Donald Trump’s ‘craziness’ overblown by the media? In the second half Max interviews former head of the Democratic Party in North Carolina to find out how and why Hillary Clinton lost.
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | Why Dementia Rates Among Older Americans Have Fallen (11/23/16) [1hr]
A new study shows that dementia rates among people over 65 have declined from 11.6 percent in 2000 to 8.8 percent in 2012--a 24 percent drop. This means one million fewer people than expected suffer from the condition. Researchers say the declines seem to be associated with healthier life styles and higher levels of education. The news is decidedly welcome, but the overall public health challenge remains daunting. Five million Americans are diagnosed with dementia today and that number is expected to triple by 2050. Please join us for an update on new efforts to prevent, diagnose, and treat Alzheimer's and other kinds of dementia.
*DR | Teens And Tech: How Digital Communication Impacts Young People And Their Relationships (11/23/16) [1hr]
It's a familiar scene: parents or grandparents turning to their younger family members for help learning the latest technology or social media. (Diane's own teenage grandson introduced her to emojis.) And teens are well-equipped for the job: Young people say they feel the pressure to be "always on" and connected more than ever. But digital communication can facilitate as well as complicate teen relationships, including those with older people. This hour, Diane talks with her grandson Benjamin and two experts about how young people use technology to communicate today and what it means for their relationships, especially with older generations.
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

11.23.2016. 15:02

Tuesday November 22, 2016
News Articles

Donald Trump Cancels Meeting With The New York Times
HP | Michael Calderone | 11/22/16

Trump was scheduled to meet off-the-record with Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and a few other key representatives of the paper before participating in an on-the-record session with the reporters and editorial columnists, a Times spokeswoman told The Huffington Post on Monday. But Trump claimed early Tuesday that the "failing" paper changed the ground rules, prompting him to back out.

A Times spokeswoman told HuffPost on Tuesday that the paper did not change the conditions, but that Trump's team had requested the visit only be off-the-record. ... Read more

Trump Vows To Back Out Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Effectively Killing It
HP | Alana Horowitz Satlin | 11/22/16

Donald Trump plans to pull the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on his first day in office, putting the future of the sweeping trade deal in jeopardy.

The TPP was one of President Barack Obama's most controversial foreign policy moves. The agreement aimed to promote free trade while putting pressure on countries faltering on human rights, but it was widely panned by green and labor rights groups. Critics say the deal favors major corporations and wouldn't improve conditions for vulnerable workers in places like Vietnam and Malaysia. ... Read more

Trump Says Any Conflicts Of Interest Were Priced Into Your Vote
HP | Paul Blumenthal | 11/21/16

WASHINGTON ? Thirteen days after winning the presidential election, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that no one should worry about the potential conflicts of interest he could face over his range of global properties because everyone knew about them when they elected him. He blamed any questions of impropriety on the media for reporting on them.

The evening tweet from the president-elect reads: "Prior to the election it was well known that I have interests in properties all over the world.Only the crooked media makes this a big deal!" ... Read more

"Emotionally F**king Pissed" Media Blows Embargo And Lashes Out At Trump - "F*ck Him"
ZeroHedge | author |11/22/16

Just yesterday Trump called a summit of all the major mainstream media executives and anchors at Trump Tower. While many expected the meeting to be an oppotunity to ask questions of the president-elect, the media elites apparently got the surprise of their lives when Trump spent the majority of the meeting attacking they're blatant biased coverage the 2016 presidential elections referring to the room as a bunch of "dishonest, deceitful liars." One participant in the meeting described it as a "f--ing firing squad" after "Trump started with Jeff Zucker and said "I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed...." We suspect that was rather less cordial than they expected.

Despite the conversation being completely off the record, many of the "emotionally fucking pissed" media anchors have decided to blow their embargoes and lash out at Trump. According to one source interviewed by the New Yorker, the meeting at Trump Tower was "fucking outrageous." The same source also questioned how he could remain impartial after the meeting saying "How can this not influence coverage?"...yes, because coverage was so impartial up until yesterday. ... Read more

A Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump (11/21/16) [2:37]
Jon Stewart on President-elect Trump, hypocrisy in America (11/17/16) [5:56]
TYT | DAPL's Worst Nightmare: Big Oil EXPOSED By Whistleblower (11/21/16) [14:38]
HELPPA website
Energy Transfer Partners: (214) 981-0700
U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers: (202) 761-0010; (202) 761-0014
Department of Justice: (202)-353-1555; (202)-514-2000
White House: (202)-456-1414; (202)-456-1111
#NODAPL Enbridge Lies and I have the video PROOF. HELPPA.org John Bolenbaugh (10/25/16) [47:34]
Click to zoom in
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, November 22, Part 1 [10:26],
DN | Part 1: "Heil Victory!" Alt-Right Groups Emboldened by Trump's Election & Steve Bannon (11/22/16) [2:49 ], Part 2 [5:35]
DN | Immigrants Fighting for Sanctuary Cities & Campuses to Protect Millions from Trump Deportation Push (11/22/16) [14:11]
DN | Sweeping New Rutgers Report Reveals University's Ties to Slavery & Displacement of Native Americans (11/22/16) [21:14]
*TRNN | Wilkerson: If Trump Moves U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, A Sign War Against Iran Could Come (11/21/16) [13:25]
*TRNN | Rob Johnson: Trump Considering Man Who Rigged the Economy for Treasury Secretary (11/22/16) [15:54]
TRNN | Police Unleash Water Cannons and Rubber Bullets Against Water Protectors in Standing Rock (11/21/16) [2:00]
*TYT | Alt-Right Leader's Speech Ends With Nazi Salutes (11/21/16) [17:48]
*TYT | Bernie Sanders Yells At Reporter (11/21/16) [15:30]
TYT | BARBARIC Dakota Access Oil Police Cause Mass Hypothermia (11/21/16) [4:02]
RT | Cosmic panorama: RT pioneers 360 video from Intl Space station (11/21/16) [3:39]
First-ever 360 content from space website
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | How China Could Emerge As The World's Global Leader During The Trump Administration (11/22/16) [1hr]
Some say President-elect Trump's rejection of the Trans Pacific Partnership and threats to pull out of the Paris climate accord would hand global leadership over to China. Diane and a panel of guests discuss how China's global role could expand during the Trump presidency.
*DR | The Personal Story Behind One Of America's Most Famous Home Movies (11/22/16) [1hr]
Fifty-three years ago, Abraham Zapruder stepped out of his office in Dallas, video camera in hand, to catch a glimpse of President John F. Kennedy. Zapruder was a Jewish immigrant who had come from nothing but was living the American dream with his own dress-making business, and a middle class family. He was not a likely candidate to change the course of history but when he captured the assassination of JFK on film, his name became inseparable from the event -- and the video at the center of controversy and conspiracy that would continue to this day. In a new memoir, his granddaughter, Alexandra Zapruder, sets out to better understand the film and her family's relationship with it. She is the author of the new book "Twenty-Six Seconds: A Personal History of the Zapruder Film."
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

11.22.2016. 18:04

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