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Monday July 24, 2017

Read Jared Kushner's Statement On His Meetings With Russians
HP | Hayley Miller | 07/24/17

"I did not collude," he tells congressional committees.

President Donald Trump's son-in-law and White House adviser Jared Kushner is set to testify before congressional committees this week as part of their investigations into whether Trump associates had ties to the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Hours before facing closed-door questioning from the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday, Kushner's camp released an 11-page written statement outlining four meetings with Russians during the 2016 campaign and transition.

"I did not collude, nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded, with any foreign government," Kushner said in the statement. ... Read more

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Trump Team Claims Pardons Aren't Being Discussed Despite The President's Tweet

The Uninhabitable Earth
NYMagazine | David Wallace-Wells | current

I. 'Doomsday'
Peering beyond scientific reticence.
It is, I promise, worse than you think. If your anxiety about global warming is dominated by fears of sea-level rise, you are barely scratching the surface of what terrors are possible, even within the lifetime of a teenager today. And yet the swelling seas -- and the cities they will drown -- have so dominated the picture of global warming, and so overwhelmed our capacity for climate panic, that they have occluded our perception of other threats, many much closer at hand. Rising oceans are bad, in fact very bad; but fleeing the coastline will not be enough.

Indeed, absent a significant adjustment to how billions of humans conduct their lives, parts of the Earth will likely become close to uninhabitable, and other parts horrifically inhospitable, as soon as the end of this century.

Even when we train our eyes on climate change, we are unable to comprehend its scope. This past winter, a string of days 60 and 70 degrees warmer than normal baked the North Pole, melting the permafrost that encased Norway's Svalbard seed vault -- a global food bank nicknamed "Doomsday," designed to ensure that our agriculture survives any catastrophe, and which appeared to have been flooded by climate change less than ten years after being built. ... Read more

The 10-Book 'Uninhabitable Earth' Reading List
NYMagines | David Wallace-Wills | date

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You may have read -- as we did -- David Wallace-Wells's piece on climate change with a mixture of horror and fascination, and if you're interested in further reading, the annotated version is chockablock with citations and links to additional articles and studies. If, however, you're looking for some books on the subject, we asked our colleague to put together an extended list of titles he would recommend. Below, ten books for your "Uninhabitable Earth" reading list. ... Read more

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Keith Olbermann
The Media Must Fight Back (#98) | Keith Olbermann | 07/19/17 | 7:12
A Timeline of Treason (#97) | Keith Olbermann | 07/18/17 | 9:29
Have We Got Enough to Impeach (#96) | Keith Olbermann | 07/17/17 | 8:07
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, July 24 [11:03]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, July 24 (FULL) | 59:02
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  1. Headlines
  2. Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns over the Cop Shooting of Unarmed Woman. Will the Mayor Be Next?
  3. Criminologist Phil Stinson: Police Kill Three People Every Single Day in the United States
  4. "A Forgotten Crisis": Yemen's Aid Workers Speak Out About the World's Worst Humanitarian Disaster
  5. "Incoherent Policy": U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Iran Even as Trump Admits Iran Following Nuclear Deal
**As Trump Touts "Made in America" Week, Indonesian Workers Toil Away Making Ivanka Trump Apparel | DN | 07/21/17 | 14:12
Has Jared Kushner's Failed Deal with Qatar Fueled Trump's Stance on Gulf Diplomatic Crisis? | DN | 07/21/17 | 10:03
**David Cay Johnston: Trump is "Appallingly Ignorant" on Healthcare & Puts Greed Above Human Lives | DN | 07/20/17 | 8:40
David Cay Johnston: GOP Budget Redistributes Money to the Rich & Helps Make U.S. a "Police State" | DN | 07/21/17 | 5:56
Michael Mann Responds to 'Uninhabitable Earth' | TRNN | 07/23/17 | 19:00
First Six Months of 2017 Marked By Wildfires and 'Extremely Remarkable' Warmth | TRNN | 07/23/17 | 11:29
Trump Backers Ramp Up Mueller Smear Campaign | TYT | 07/23/17 | 13:05
Trump: Mueller Better Not Be Looking At My Taxes! (He Is) | TYT | 07/23/17 | 9:41
Christian Group Sues For Right To Lie | TYT | 07/23/17 | 9:24
The $hit Millennials Are Blamed For Is So Stupid | TYT | 07/23/17 | 9:20
Why Towing Companies Won't Take Homeless RVs | TYT | 07/23/17 | 5:49
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
Jared Kushner Releases Statement: 'I Did Not Collude' | MSNBC Morning Joe | 07/24/17 | 6:07
Does Jared Kushner's Statement Offer Clarity? | MSNBC Morning Joe | 07/24/17 | 8:27
Chris Wallace CONFRONTS & CRUSHES Anthony Scaramucci On Trump's HYPOCRISY | | 07/23/17 | 16:50
Anthony Scaramucci gets GRILLED By Tapper On President Trump (HEATED) | | 07/23/17 | 26:20
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Donald Jr.'s Meeting Looked An Awful Lot Like 'Ocean's Eleven' | Stephen Colbert | 07/22/17 | 2:15
Trump Really Puts The 'Fraud' In Voter Fraud Commission | Stephen Colbert | 07/22/17 | 3:59

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Louie Gohmert's Freestyle History Lesson | Samantha Bee | 07/19/17 | 7:12
Trump's Voter "Integrity" Commission | Samantha Bee | 07/19/17 | 8:12

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Friday July 21, 2017

How Deranged Are Trump Supporters? New Poll Shows That It's Worse Than You Ever Imagined
AlterNet | News Corpse / DailyKos | 07/20/17

In the Era of Trump, Americans have been subjected to wild diversions from reality. Donald Trump and company have unleashed baseless accusations of "fake news," and the ceaseless dissemination of "alternative facts." They have violated constitutional protections of free speech and abused the media in an unprecedented manner. Trump called the media "the enemy of the American people." And his White House Press Office has discontinued on-camera briefings.

This overt hostility and flagrant assault on transparency has had an impact on a certain sector of the electorate. Trump voters have evolved into a breed of ill-informed, willfully ignorant yokels whose devotion to their Orange Julius Caesar borders on cult worship. This alarming descent into madness is frightfully illustrated in the results of a new survey by Public Policy Polling (PPP). The depth of the delirium of these lost souls is unimaginable. And yet, the data from the PPP pollsters is clear. Here are some examples from the study:

  1. Only 45% of Trump voters believe Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with Russians about information that might be harmful to Hillary Clinton...even though Trump Jr. admitted it. 32% say the meeting didn't happen and 24% say they're not sure.
  2. 72% of Trump voters consider the Russia story overall to be 'fake news,' only 14% disagree.
  3. Only 24% of Trump voters even want an investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, 64% are opposed to an investigation.
  4. Only 26% of Trump voters admit that Russia wanted Trump to win the election, 44% claim Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win, and 31% say they're not sure one way or the other.
  5. Even if there was an investigation, and it found that the Trump campaign did collude with Russia to aid his campaign, 77% of his supporters think he should still stay in office to just 16% who believe he should resign.
Read more

The Mega Rich Are Getting Mega Richer: A Former CEO Exposes the Corruption Behind Their Obscene Paychecks
AlterNet | Steven Clifford / Blue Rider Press | 07/20/17

The following is an excerpt from the new book The CEO Pay Machine: How It Trashes America and How to Stop It by Steven Clifford (Blue Rider Press, May 2017), available from Amazon and IndieBound:

In the long term, the indirect effect of the Pay ­Machine--?the increase in income inequality--is economically more injurious than the erosion of company earnings or a stock market downturn.

Income inequality in America has risen sharply since 1976. Economists and pundits point to multiple causes--globalization and competition from low-wage? countries; growing educational disparities that particularly affect men and minorities; technological changes that reward the highly skilled; decline of labor unions; changes in corporate culture that place stock price and earnings above employees; free market philosophy and the rise of winner-take-all economics; households with high-income couples; lower rates of marriage and of intact families; high incarceration levels; immigration of low­-skilled individuals; income tax and capital gains tax cuts and other conservative economic and tax policies; deregulation; and decreased welfare and antipoverty spending coupled with redistribution programs that disproportionately benefit the elderly. ... Read more

Elon Musk Says Humans Should Be Very VERY Concerned About Artificial Intelligence | C-Span | 07/20/17 | 59:31
Elon Musk on Regulating Existential Threat of AI Robots, Tesla Stocks Overvaluation and Car Hacking | Artificial Intelligence A.I. | 07/16 | 59:03
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, July 21 (FULL) | 59:02
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  1. Headlines
  2. Criminalizing Critics of Israel: Congress Considers Sweeping Bills to Fine & Jail Backers of BDS
  3. Has Jared Kushner's Failed Deal with Qatar Fueled Trump's Stance on Gulf Diplomatic Crisis?
  4. Sen. McConnell Plans Vote on Repealing Obamacare Despite Lacking Enough Support from GOP Senators
  5. As Trump Touts "Made in America" Week, Indonesian Workers Toil Away Making Ivanka Trump Apparel
Research Scientist Twila Moon -> Saying Goodbye to Glaciers': The Impact of Glacier Retreat | TRNN | 07/20/17 | 10:00
Data, Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence: Where is AI Innovation Taking Society? | TRNN | 07/20/17 | 9:19
Martin Shkreli: "I Hope To See You and Your Four Children Homeless" | TYT | 07/20/17 | 6:05
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
WaPo: Donald Trump Seeks Advice On Pardoning Himself, Family Members | MSNBC Rachel Maddow | 07/20/17 | 10:42
Lawrence And Maddow On Donald Trump's Probe Of Pardon Powers | MSNBC Last Word | 07/20/17 | 8:03
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Donald Trump Had No Filter In His New York Times Interview | Stephen Colbert | 07/21/17 | 9:54
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission | Trevor Noah | 07/20/17 | 8:03
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Trump Turns on Sessions Amid Russia Probe: A Closer Look | Seth Meyers | 07/20/17 | 13:02

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Thursday July 20, 2017

Jeff Sessions Brushes Off Resignation Rumors After Scathing Trump Interview
HP | Alana Horowitz Satlin | 07/20/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions dismissed speculation that he would be resigning from his position following scathing criticism from President Donald Trump. Sessions said it was an "honor" to serve as attorney general and that his team "wholeheartedly" shares the priorities of the Trump administration. "We love this job, we love this department," Sessions said. He added that he would continue to serve as attorney general "so as long as that is appropriate."

Trump told The New York Times on Wednesday that he wouldn't have chosen Sessions for the post if he had known Sessions was going to recuse himself from the FBI's probe into Russian election meddling. ... Read more

Trump goes off-script and fumes about Sessions and Russia probe
Politico | Josh Gerstein , Josh Dawsey | 07/20/17

The president's harsh criticism of his attorney general and the Russia probe came amid a last-ditch effort to salvage health care reform, and startled many in the West Wing.

President Donald Trump impressed senators Wednesday with a cogent, engaged pitch on health care that didn't veer wildly from the script.

Within an hour, without seeking advice from his lawyers or his senior aides, Trump was in the Oval Office telling reporters from the New York Times that he regretted hiring Jeff Sessions as his attorney general and discussing a sensitive investigation his lawyers have told him to keep quiet about -- a performance that once again left his most senior aides startled and scrambling to respond. ... Read more

Climate Change
Chasing Ice
Chasing Ice (trailer) | 2:23
Chasing Ice | Netflix
In the spring of 2005, acclaimed environmental photographer James Balog headed to the Arctic on a tricky assignment for National Geographic: to capture images to help tell the story of the Earth's changing climate. Even with a scientific upbringing, Balog had been a skeptic about climate change. But that first trip north opened his eyes to the biggest story in human history and sparked a challenge within him that would put his career and his very well-being at risk.

Chasing Ice is the story of one man's mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of our changing planet. Within months of that first trip to Iceland, the photographer conceived the boldest expedition of his life: The Extreme Ice Survey. With a band of young adventurers in tow, Balog began deploying revolutionary time-lapse cameras across the brutal Arctic to capture a multi-year record of the world's changing glaciers.

Chasing Ice website
Chasing Coral
Chasing Coral (trailer) | 1:51
Chasing Coral | Netflix
CHASING CORAL is a film directed by Jeff Orlowski and produced by Larissa Rhodes, as an Exposure Labs production. It was filmed over three years, with 650+ hours underwater, includes footage from over 30 countries, and was made with the support of over 500 people around the world.

Chasing Coral website
VICE - Greenland Is Melting
Greenland Is Melting | VICE on HBO | S2, E2 | 01/09/15 | 28:11
In this episode, Shane Smith travels to Greenland with climate scientist Jason Box to investigate why the glaciers are melting, and how the resulting rise in sea level will devastate our world sooner than expected.
VICE - Our Rising Oceans
Our Rising Oceans | VICE on HBO | S3, E1 | 01/11/16 | 42:52
Our oceans are rising. With human use of hydrocarbons skyrocketing, waters around the globe are getting hotter and, now, this warm sub-surface water is washing into Antarctica's massive western glaciers causing the glaciers to retreat and break off. Antarctica holds 90% of the world's ice and 70% of its freshwater, so if even a small fraction of the ice sheet in Antarctica melts, the resulting sea level rise will completely remap the world as we know it -- and it is already happening. In the last decade, some of the most significant glaciers here have tripled their melt rate.

VICE founder Shane Smith travels to the bottom of the world to investigate the instability of the West Antarctic ice sheet and to see first hand how the continent is melting -- and VICE follows the rising oceans to Bangladesh for a glimpse into the world's underwater future. From the UN Climate conference to the People's Climate March to the forces that deny the science of global climate change, this special extended episode covers all sides of the issue and all corners of the globe, ending with a special interview with Vice President Joe Biden.
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, July 20 [12:02]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, July 20 (FULL) | 59:02
Note: on the full 59:02 video look for small white (or black) circles on the Progressbar they denote the different news stories. You can move the pointer on the Progressbar to jump to each story, and around the video.
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  1. Headlines
  2. David Cay Johnston: Trump is "Appallingly Ignorant" on Healthcare & Puts Greed Above Human Lives
  3. David Cay Johnston: GOP Budget Redistributes Money to the Rich & Helps Make U.S. a "Police State"
  4. Rights Advocates: Trump's Commission on Election Integrity Set Up as a Pretext for Voter Suppression
  5. "Trump and the Russian Money Trail": Trump's Ties to Oligarchs Go Back Decades
  6. Married to the Mob: Investigative Journalist Craig Unger on What Trump Owes the Russian Mafia
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, July 20 [12:02]
Dean Baker says -> Trump Can't Vote Down Obamacare, so He's Strangling It Instead | TRNN | 07/19/17 | 10:00
Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, says -> How Far Will Trump Go to Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal? | TRNN | 07/20/17 | 24:16
Does Trump Even Know What A Pre-Existing Conditions Is?? | TYT | 07/19/17 | 4:10
SAD! Trump Won't Stop Beating A Dead Trumpcare | TYT | 07/19/17 | 9:16
Supreme Court Tweaks Trump's Muslim Ban | TYT | 07/19/17 | 5:35
What do Trump and Putin want from each other? | Aljazeera: Inside Story | 07/20/17 | 24:15
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
Resignation Watch: Donald Trump Lashes Jeff Sessions, Justice Officials | MSNBC Rachel Maddow | 07/19/17 | 15:37
Jeff Sessions' Act Of Character Seen As Disqualification | MSNBC Morning Joe | 07/20/17 | 4:35
Shep. Smith and Judge Napolitano Brilliantly Tear into Trump's "Troubling Actions" | FoxNews | 07/20/17 | 4:52
James Clapper: President Donald Trump Is Making Russia Great Again | MSNBC Hardball | 07/20/17 | 11:57
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Was That Tweet From Trump Or Shakespeare? | Stephen Colbert | 07/20/17 | 5:03
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Toying with Russia | The Daily Show | 07/19/17 | 5:50
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Team Trump's Absurd Defenses for Don Jr.'s Emails: A Closer Look | Seth Meyers | 07/18/17 | 14:02

07.20.2017. 14:09

Wednesday July 19, 2017

The GOP Health Care Plan Is About To Fail. Republicans Don't Know What To Do Next.
HP | Matt Fuller , Jennifer Bendery | 07/18/17

After seven years of promises, Republicans just can't find the votes to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) appears to have exhausted his options for alternative GOP bills. Early next week, senators are expected to vote down an effort to begin debate on a bill to gut Obamacare without a replacement. The proposal is similar to one Republicans in the House and Senate sent to President Barack Obama's desk in early 2016.

The problems Republicans have decried about the Affordable Care Act, however, while often overstated, will persist. A handful of rural counties still don't have an insurer lined up to offer plans in 2018, and quite a few more counties ? about one-fifth of total exchange enrollment ? have only one option and have seen a spike in premiums in the last year or two. ... Read more

How the Trump administration's secret efforts to ease Russia sanctions fell short
Yahoo News | Michael Isikoff | older 06/02/17

In the early weeks of the Trump administration, former Obama administration officials and State Department staffers fought an intense, behind-the-scenes battle to head off efforts by incoming officials to normalize relations with Russia, according to multiple sources familiar with the events.

Unknown to the public at the time, top Trump administration officials, almost as soon as they took office, tasked State Department staffers with developing proposals for the lifting of economic sanctions, the return of diplomatic compounds and other steps to relieve tensions with Moscow. ... Read more
Trump's Been Trying To Lift Russia Sanctions Since Day One | TYT | 07/18/17 | 7:43

**Inside The 'Shakespearean Irony' Of Trump And Bannon's Relationship
FreshAir.org & NPR.org | author | 07/18/17

In August 2016, three months before the presidential election, Republican nominee Donald Trump was behind in the polls. Instead of staying on message, the candidate was engaged in a politically damaging fight with the parents of an Army captain killed in Iraq.

On Aug. 17, in an effort to change course, the Trump team appointed Steve Bannon, the former executive chairman of the conservative Breitbart News, to lead the campaign. Journalist Joshua Green of Bloomberg Businessweek says the switch would prove to be a turning point.

Green argues that Bannon's experiences with Breitbart gave him a framework for mobilizing disaffected young white male voters who were attracted to Trump. Without such guidance, Green says, "I don't think that Donald Trump would have been elected president." ... Read more
**Inside The 'Shakespearean Irony' Of Trump And Bannon's Relationship | NPR FreshAir.org | | 07/18/17

Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency by Joshua Green

From the reporter who was there at the very beginning comes the revealing inside story of the partnership between Steve Bannon and Donald Trump--the key to understanding the rise of the alt-right, the fall of Hillary Clinton, and the hidden forces that drove the greatest upset in American political history.

Based on dozens of interviews conducted over six years, Green spins the master narrative of the 2016 campaign from its origins in the far fringes of right-wing politics and reality television to its culmination inside Trump's penthouse on election night.

The shocking elevation of Bannon to head Trump's flagging presidential campaign on August 17, 2016, hit political Washington like a thunderclap and seemed to signal the meltdown of the Republican Party. Bannon was a bomb-throwing pugilist who'd never run a campaign and was despised by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Yet Bannon's hard-edged ethno-nationalism and his elaborate, years-long plot to destroy Hillary Clinton paved the way for Trump's unlikely victory. Trump became the avatar of a dark but powerful worldview that dominated the airwaves and spoke to voters whom others couldn't see. Trump's campaign was the final phase of a populist insurgency that had been building up in America for years, and Bannon, its inscrutable mastermind, believed it was the culmination of a hard-right global uprising that would change the world.

Any study of Trump's rise to the presidency is unavoidably a study of Bannon. Devil's Bargain is a tour-de-force telling of the remarkable confluence of circumstances that decided the election, many of them orchestrated by Bannon and his allies, who really did plot a vast, right-wing conspiracy to stop Clinton. To understand Trump's extraordinary rise and Clinton's fall, you have to weave Trump's story together with Bannon's, or else it doesn't make sense.

Trump aides move on after health care loss
Politico | Annie Karni and Eliana Johnson | 07/18/17

As the president's biggest agenda item tanked on the Hill, his senior advisers busied themselves with their pet projects -- and looked ahead to tax reform.

The president's most senior aides appeared eager to move on from the health care loss, busying themselves with their own pet projects. Counselor Kellyanne Conway spent the morning in the Cannon House Office Building, participating in a two-hour-long bipartisan round table on veterans and the opioid crisis.

Ivanka Trump made an appearance at a global robotics competition celebrating girls from Afghanistan pursuing careers in STEM. Meanwhile, her husband, White House adviser Jared Kushner -- who has taken little interest in the health care bill since its early, troubled days in the House, when he went skiing in Aspen with his family -- was busy leading a meeting with his Office of American Innovation.

In the West Wing, chief strategist Steve Bannon took a meeting with Wayne Berman, a Republican operative and board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition whose name has surfaced as a potential future chief of staff. He also met with Kris Kobach, head of Trump's voter fraud commission, and former campaign operatives David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, among others. But Bannon was conspicuously absent from senior staff meetings on trade and tax reform that brought Cabinet officials into the White House. ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, July 19 [12:24]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, July 19 (FULL) | 59:02
Note: on the full 59:02 video look for small white circles on the Progressbar they denote the different news stories. You can move the pointer on the Progressbar to jump to each story, and around the video.
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  1. Headlines
  2. Dr. Carol Paris: We Must Make It Toxic for Politicians to Not Get on Board with Single Payer
  3. Gaza on Verge of Collapse as Israel Sends 2.2M People "Back to Middle Ages" in Electricity Crisis
  4. Activist & Father of Four Faces Deportation to Devastated Haiti Because of Decades-Old Conviction
Guardian Investigation of Ivanka Trump Factory in Indonesia Reveals Worker Abuse | DN | 07/18/17 | 13:17
Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford says -> Corporate Media Silence Helps Maintain Warfare in Syria | TRNN | 07/19/17 | 7:15
Unable To Kill Obamacare, Republicans Plot To Kill Medicare | TYT | 07/18/17 | 6:13
Trump MELTDOWN: "Am I A F*cking Baby, Paul?" | TYT | 07/18/17 | 3:59
Why Trump Hates Chris Christie Now | TYT | 07/18/17 | 4:31
Republicans Turn On Each Other After Trumpcare Fail | TYT | 07/18/17 | 7:03
Mitch McConnell And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day | TYT | 07/18/17 | 6:49
9/11 survivors call on May to publish 'suppressed' Saudi terrorist funding report | RT | 07/19/17 | 2:51
America's Inequality Crisis is Exceptional...Trump is Making it Worse... | ThomHartmann | 07/18/17 | 27:50
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
Guardians Of The Gridlock | 1a.org | 07/19/17 | 1hr
The legislative logjam known as the GOP health care bill is stunning, considering Republicans are in power in the House, Senate and White House. If today's lawmakers can't work together to move ahead on health care, what can they do?

Perhaps they can take notes on how major federal legislation of Washington past -- like the Voting Rights Act of 1965 or the Affordable Care Act -- made it through controversy and Congress and landed on the President's desk.
Getting Really Smart About Artificial Intelligence | 1a.org | 07/19/17 | 1hr
We constantly hear that we're on the verge of an AI revolution, but the technology is already everywhere. And Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng predicts that smart technology will help humans do even more. It will drive our cars, read our X-rays and affect pretty much every job and industry. And this will happen soon.

As AI rises, concerns grow about the future of humans. So how can we make sure our economy and our society are ready for a technology that could soon dominate our lives?
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
Book Details 'Strange Motivations' Of Donald Trump Aide Steve Bannon | MSNBC 11th Hour | 07/18/17 | 5:08
Cooper-Panel ANGRY Reaction To Trump Admin. Latest Lies | CNN | 07/19/17 | 13:04
Anderson Cooper calls out Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer | CNN | 07/19/17 | 4:40
Has Jared Kushner Delivered On Any Of The To-Do List Donald Trump Gave Him? | CNN | 07/19/17 | 4:40
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Repeal Now, Replace Later, Reelect Never | Stephen Colbert | 07/19/17 | 7:00
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
How the Republican Health Care Bill Came and Went | The Daily Show | 07/18/17 | 6:21

07.19.2017. 12:31

Tuesday July 18, 2017

A new round of polls shows that 6 months in to his term, Trump is the most unpopular president in the modern era
BusinessInsider | Maxwell Tani | 07/18/17

Six months into his presidency, Donald Trump remains as unpopular as ever, setting a course to become the most unpopular president at this point in his administration since the dawn of modern polling.

According to a Washington Post/ABC poll released on Sunday, the president's approval rating has dropped to 36%, while his disapproval rating rose to 58%. ... Read more
Trump Polling Worse Than Any US President EVER. | TYT | 07/17/17 | 15:19
Click to zoom in

  1. Poll finds Trump's standing weakened since springtime | WashingtonPost | Scott Clement | 07/16/17 | article
  2. Americans Feel Good About the Economy, Not So Good About Trump | Bloomberg | 07/17/16 | article
  3. Trump Rating Holds Steady Despite Campaign's 2016 Russia Meeting, 4-in-10 support impeachment, higher than for Nixon at start of Watergate | Monmouth University | 07/17/17 | article
  4. Yada, yada, yada

Report: Number Of Civilian Deaths In Trump's Air Strikes Will Soon Exceed Obama's Entire Presidency
airwars.org | author | current

Trump moves quickly when it comes to killing civilians. "A new investigation by Airwars for The Daily Beast has logged a massive escalation in civilian deaths caused by coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria against ISIS, as led by President Donald Trump's White House.

At least 2,200 civilians are estimated to have been killed up until July 13. That's over 360 a month since Trump's inauguration, or around 12 every day. By contrast, the Obama administration oversaw 2,300 civilian deaths in total over eight years.

(He was hardly a dovish president however -- Obama's legacy includes vastly expanding the military's use of drones which, in 2016, dropped some of an estimated 26,171 bombs on targets in majority-Muslim countries around the world.)" Read more
Trump About To Surpass Obama's EIGHT YEAR Civilian Death Toll | TYT | 07/17/17 | 13:23
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Trump's 'Made In America' Week Is Already Backfiring Spectacularly
HP | Ed Mazza | 07/17/17

President Donald Trump is set to declare this week "Made In America" week to help promote products manufactured in the United States, according to The Hill. But he's already coming under fire for the move, given that Trump-branded products are often manufactured overseas.

Many of Trump's clothing items have been made in Mexico and China. During the campaign last year, his use of steel and aluminum from China became a campaign issue.

And just last week, The Washington Post reported on the fashion line of first daughter and White House aide Ivanka Trump, finding that much of it is made by low-wage workers in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and China. ... Read more
Trump's 'Made In America Week' Backfires BIGLY | TYT | 07/17/17 | 4:00

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, July 18 [9:02]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, July 17 (FULL) | 59:02
Note: on the full 59:02 video look for small white circles on the Progressbar they denote the different news stories. You can move the pointer on the Progressbar to jump to each story, and around the video.
Note2: You might have to scroll the windows down 1/2 inch to capture the full video.
  1. Headlines
  2. The Ultimate Hypocrisy? Trump Plan to Renegotiate NAFTA Resembles TPP Deal He Withdrew From
  3. Amnesty Accuses U.S. Coalition of War Crimes in Mosul: Scale of Death Much Higher Than Acknowledged
  4. Still Not Free: New Documentary "Life on Parole" Follows Former Prisoners Navigating Early Release
Vijay Prashad and Trita Parsi join Paul Jay to discuss -> the New York Times article, 'Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. 'Handed the Country Over'' | TRNN | 07/18/17 | 18:31
Prof. Sabah Alnasseri and Paul Jay discuss -> New York Times Joins Trump and Saudi Arabia in Targeting Iran | TRNN | 07/18/17 | 15:47
Keiser Report: Gutting of America's Wealth Creation Machine (E1097) | RT | 07/15/17 | 25:58
Max and Stacy discuss the economic problems looking for solutions. In the first half they discuss how to Make America Great Again is a 'solution' to the problem of the gutting of America's wealth creation machine and how this slogan as a solution caused the meltdown of the entire Democratic party. In the second half Max talks to Chris Whalen, author of Ford Men, about whether or not it is possible to make America great again for the blue collar worker.
Why Does Trump Prioritize Petro Billionaires Over Humanity? | ThomHartmann | 07/14/17 | 27:56
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
Who Will Decide Health Care's Future? | 1a.org | 07/18/17 | 1hr
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, is surrounded by members of the media after he viewed the details of a new health care bill.
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
Energy, Oil, and Oil Sands
Utah/Colorado Have 25X More Tar Sands Than Canada (Documentary) | | 09/19/15 | 28:03
Oil Pipeline, Long Submerged in Michigan's Deep Waters, Fuels Public Concern | CircleOfBlue.org | 07/10/13 | article
The Dirty Secret at the Bottom of the Great Lakes: Oil & Water (Documentary) | | 08/11/15 | 17:16
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NY Subpoenas Records On Huge Manafort Loans From Small Bank: WSJ | 07/18/17 | 6:32
Donald Trump: Last Night's Failure An Ominous Sign For White House | 07/18/17 | 22:00
Donald Trump Jr.: Is There A Chance Mueller Will Be Fired? | MSNBC Morning Joe | 07/18/17 | 11:26
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The Opening Monologue Of 'Russia Week' | Stephen Colbert | 07/18/17 | 6:22
Have We Got Enough to Impeach Trump Already? (#96) | Keith Olbermann | 07/17/17 | 8:06

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